The people behind the competition

Who We Are

Each year the ICP Call for Scores is adjudicated by a number of professional composers, who have the difficult task of sorting through the many scores we receive from Europe and beyond. Once a group of applicants have been chosen to enter the scheme, a further jury is then convened to make the ultimate decision as to who enters the next round.

In 2011

This year the four initial jurors were Roderick Watkins & Robert Saxton (UK), and Daniel D'Adamo & Christophe Looten (France), who selected 10 composers to join the 2 picked from 2010. The final jury for the 2010 concert consisted of Piers Hellawell, Paul Max Edlin, Vincent Paulet, and Daniel D'Adamo.

In 2010

The four jurors making the initial selection were Paul Max Edlin & Edwin Roxburgh (UK), alongside Roger Boutry & Claude Pichaureau (France). The final jury for 2010's ICP concert were Rolf Hind, Paul Patterson, Philippe Hurel & Philippe Boivin.

Michelle Castelletti (Sounds New Festival Manager) acted as arbitrator on both occasions.